Tuesday, April 18, 2006

While watching American Idol....

Chris - What a Wonderful World: Pretty and the judges like it.
Paris - Wasn't listening, but the judges liked it.
Taylor - You Send Me: Yay! I like, judges like!

Is Simon drunk? Normally I ignore things Seacrest says, but I've never seen him be positive about three people in a row.

Heehee - Rod Stewart!

Elliott - It Had to be You: Yay! Hurray for Idols singing music I know! Well, the male ones. "Like Michael Buble with more soul....." - Paula's on crack. Yay! Simon's back, even though I liked Elliott!

This season is full of nerds. That makes me happy.

I think Kellie is a ditz. And Rod Stewart interacting with her creeps me out.

Kellie - Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered: Ow! Bad note! Go home! Paula - this is not a fashion competition, it's for the SINGING (and personality). Zero for three! Haha! No one really liked it!

TRAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Luckily it's a commercial break because living next to train tracks is a pain.

Ace - That's All: Um, what is with your hair? It appears to be both slicked back and in a ponytail. It looks strange with the suit. Ew, need to listen to the Kevin Spacey and Bobby Darin versions to get this performance out of my head. It's supposed to be upbeat! Apparently all the judges are on drugs because they liked it.

Apparently Seacrest is 5'7". Which would make him - yes, that's right! Seven inches taller than me! Hahaha!

Katharine - Someone to Watch Over Me: Ack! Painful to my ears. Any song I hear where I feel I could do a better performance = bad performance by the Idol. Owowowowowowowowowowowowowow. All of the judges are dumb.