Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Six weird things about me

I've been tagged with this meme by Sarah.

  1. I can go through an entire pack of Tic Tacs in a day.
  2. My car's name is Ciarán. I named it after Ciarán Hinds after seeing him in Persuasion. While partial to Mr. Darcy, there's also something about Captain Wentworth. I also liked him in The Phantom of the Opera.
  3. I can't sleep in a room with an analog clock. The ticking will drive me crazy.
  4. I'm good at making banana bread. It's pretty much the only baked good I can make from scratch.
  5. I felt ill at the sight of blood until I was almost twelve years old. Given my major, it's a good thing I got over it.
  6. I never skipped a class until the first semester of my senior year of college, when I skipped my 9am class because I didn't get back from seeing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire until 4am.

I hereby tag anyone who wants to do this - it doesn't matter to me.