Monday, December 06, 2004

The Cast

A list of people frequently mentioned on this blog:

Alfie ~ Early twenties. Likes movies, web design, athletic training, spending time with her friends.

Srah ~ Sarah. Older sister. Evil. Likes punishing me for not blogging by not commenting. Jerk.

Mom ~ My mom. Love her. Nice. Comments more frequently than most people. Beloved by almost all. Frequently called Srahmom. Really Alfiemom.

Dad ~ Almost never reads this blog. Reads Sarah's almost daily because "hers is set to pop up when I open the browser."

Roommate ~ Same name. Of course. Nuts. Frequently makes a face that makes her look like a constipated squirrel. Married to Charlie.

Joel ~ One of my best friends. Does a really good gremlin impression.....wait? Is that a good thing? Married to Laura.

Lisa ~ My other best friend. Friends since we were eight. Engaged to Scott. I'm a bridesmaid.

Megs ~ Good friend friend. Loves lots of the same things that I do. :)

Carver ~ Crazy friend.

Heather ~ Another crazy friend.

Cheryl ~ One of my sister's good friends. I've known her most of my life.

Jday ~ College friend of Sarah's, periodically reads my blog.

Aunt Pam ~ my aunt

I can't think of anyone else that I mention a lot at the moment.