Tuesday, June 14, 2005

For the first time ever, a movie quiz!

For each answer, I would like the MOVIE TITLE, CHARACTER'S NAME and ACTOR playing the role. Here we go:

1. "Really? Using it as a doorstop or a coaster?"
[Moira Kelly as Kate Mosley in "The Cutting Edge"]
2. "Do I look like I would cut someone’s finger off?"
3. "The minute you’re out of office, they don’t care enough about you to kill you anymore. People are fickle."
[James Garner as Matt Douglas in "My Fellow Americans"]
4. "Are you mixing medications?"
5. "If this was a quiz program, I could win a trip to Europe!"
6. "If I die, I will die well dressed."
7. "....and if I ride off into the sunset, I want my own horse."
8. "The last time you had that look in your eye, all we had to live on for two weeks was a can of prepared dog food...."
9. "We're sorta like 7-11. We're not always doin' business, but we're always open."
10. "No wonder you don’t sleep!"
11. "Why....yes....most men do. But at least they know the truth about themselves. Women don't. They only know the truth about each other."
12. "The very essence of romance is uncertainty."
13. "Oh, are we on ‘Cops’ again?"
[Allison Janney as Loretta in "Drop Dead Gorgeous"]
14. "You know, I really don’t think there should be a problem here. After all, you stole my wife and I tried to kill you, so I think we’re pretty much even."
15. "Aristotle was NOT Belgian!"
[Jamie Lee Curtis as Wanda in "A Fish Called Wanda"]