Sunday, February 27, 2005

My Oscar Thoughts

Sometime between 8 and 9- "Dang. Clive Owen didn't win. At least Morgan Freeman won...."

About 9:30- "Wow....Orlando Bloom is hot."
"Another win for 'The Aviator.' I don't care how good he was in that movie, I'm not going to be happy if Leonardo DiCaprio wins an Academy Award.

Around 9:40- "BUBBLE BOY!!!!!!!!!!"

Around 9:50- "Al Pacino kind of looks like a hobo that was put into a tux. Maybe he should have shaved or brushed his hair or something.

9:56- "I love Henry Fonda."

9:57 - "Sidney Lumet directed Murder on the Orient Express? Sweeeeeeeeet."

10:05- "Beyonce performing 'Learn to be Lonely?' Ick. Let's have Gerry Butler stand there instead. At least he was IN the movie."

10:07- "When does 'Phantom of the Opera' come out on DVD?"

10:08- "Pickles....."

10:09- "Heh. Jeremy Irons."

10:12- "What the hell was Laura Linney thinking?"

10:21- "Penelope Cruz's hair looks weird...."

10:23- "Why does Jamie Foxx look confused? Oh....the guys who did sound mixing for Ray won....I thought it was a tie or something."

10:27- "Antonio Banderas? Woohoo!"

10:28- Roommate: "It's Antonio Banderas and that other guy!"
Alfie: "You mean Santana?"
Roommate: "Yeah, the guy who sang 'Fields of Gold.'"
Alfie: "You mean Sting?"
Roommate: "Oops."

10:37- "You've been sitting in the bathtub since you were eight years old? Didn't that make your skin all wrinkly?"

10:39- "Ew. John Revolta."

10:47- "Annette Bening, I like your dress but you kind of look crazy."

10:51- "Tribute to the deceased: No more Howard Keel, no more Marlon Brando, no more Tony Randall, etc." :(

10:56- "Hurray for Josh Groban." *hisses at Beyonce*

11:00- "What did Prince win an Oscar for?"

11:02- "Ew. Sean Penn sounds drunk. And looks drunk. What lovely hair."

11:06- Hilary Swank: "I'm just a girl from a trailer park with a dream."
Alfie: "Best acceptance speech EVER."

11:26- "Jamie Foxx wins Best Actor. Darn it. Have to go to class tomorrow. Poor Johnny Depp. Haha, Leonardo DiCaprio."

11:33- "Clint Eastwood wins Best Director. Prediction for Best Picture: Million Dollar Baby...."

11:37- "I was right. Congratulations, Clint Eastwood."