Friday, February 25, 2005

An addition to the list of people I want to hit

The men's cross country team at my school.

When I am working, here are some ground rules:

  • DO NOT stand behind me and complain about how your coach demand you show up at 3pm to set up for a high school track meet that is taking place at 6pm.
  • DO NOT pick up my supplies and play with them.
  • DO NOT sit on my table.
  • DO NOT come up to me and try and convince me that you should be able to kick the baseball team off the floor so that you can set up for the track meet; I'm going to side with them.....why? Because I like them. They're nice to me, they will put up protection so that I won't get hit, they talk to me and treat me like a human being, they have respect for me and other people. I was your ATS in the fall, you all treated me like garbage. I wouldn't mind if the baseball team pelted you with baseballs. :P

  • DO stay the heck away from me; I do not like you. You all irritate me. There are too many of you, you are all ridiculously loud and you all seem to believe that you are God's gift to Earth. Believe me, you're wrong.