Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Two more!

I'm back at school for my sixth semester of college. After this semester, I will only have two to go! Eek!

I've now been to all five of my classes. Four of them meet twice a week: 2 on Monday and Wednesday, 1 on Tuesday and Thursday and 1 on Tuesday and Friday. The other one meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I'll be done at noon on Friday! I don't have class til 2pm on Thursday!

In other news, my room is gradually being put back in order. Sunday at 4pm, it was neat and tidy. Sunday at 6pm, everything exploded. We probably won't get back to neat and tidy, but hopefully I can get the futon cleared up and the floor cleared up. My desk may be a lost cause, but I'll start on that when everything else is in order....including my closet. :(