Wednesday, January 12, 2005

One more fan....

My roommate was introduced to LOST this afternoon. She got out of her lab early because it was the first meeting. I got to stay for the whole hour and a half of my lecture because my prof doesn't believe in waiting to start actual teaching til the second day of class. Then I had to buy art supplies for my Drawing class, which will probably kill me because I do not seem to have even an smidge of talent in that area.

Anyway, back to LOST. I came back to the room and convinced her to watch LOST. We watched the first and second episodes, which ended up being really poor quality because the TV was messed up in October of 2004 in this area. THE TV WENT OUT COMPLETELY THE DAY OF THE FOURTH GAME OF THE WORLD SERIES! Ack! Anyway, we watched them and she seems intrigued. So much so that she is listening to the requests of certain people and has moved the meeting time of the Astronomy Club so that it does not coincide with LOST. Hurray for roommates!