Friday, November 26, 2004

Twenty years ago....

20 years ago I....

  • was an infant
  • had a dog named Tadpole
  • met my entire family
  • met G

15 years ago I....

  • was 5 years old
  • was in kindergarten
  • was one of the few kids in my class who could already read
  • was still sure that I was going to marry G one day
  • actually went to school with my older sister
  • had a dog named Catlin

10 years ago I....

  • was 10 years old
  • was in 5th grade
  • developed a crush on B at first sight
  • was taking 6th grade math at the middle school
  • was a library assistant
  • was on Safety Patrol

5 years ago I....

  • was 15 years old
  • was in 10th grade
  • developed a crush on C
  • was taking both Advanced Algebra and Geometry
  • was the one of the Vice-Presidents/Treasurer of my class

3 years ago I....

  • was 17 years old
  • was a senior in high school/12th grader
  • was one of the senior trainers
  • was preparing to go to college
  • made my decision on where to go to college
  • was accepted at all five of the schools I applied to
  • had just made my first airplane trip, a trip to France and England
  • started blogging

1 year ago I....

  • was 19 years old
  • was a sophomore in college
  • was having some emotional issues
  • felt stressed all of the time
  • was taking physiology classes
  • still had a crush on J

So far this year I....

  • am 20 years old
  • am a junior in college
  • have joined a sorority
  • have worked through a lot of my emotional issues to grow as a person
  • started thinking about life after college

Yesterday I....

  • Went to the mall with my mother
  • Had lunch
  • Saw National Treasure
  • Went to my high school's hockey game

Today I....

  • celebrated Thanksgiving
  • played Euchre with my family
  • watched the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • was woken up by my family
  • actually slept in my own bed

Tomorrow I....

  • am probably going to go see the Princess Diaries II with my mother and grandmother
  • am going to call my best friend
  • will hopefully go to sleep early so that I can wake up for my drive back to school for the basketball game

[from Srah]