Sunday, September 05, 2004

Immature? Not us....

Today, our family was sitting at the dining room table eating lunch. It was me, Srah, Mom, Dad and Grandma. We had salmon, so Srah was trying to figure out what she could put on her salmon.

Srah: Do we have any dill?
Mom: I believe there is some dill weed in the cabinet.
(Srah and Alfie start giggling)
Mom: What are you two giggling at?

We kept it up the entire meal, giggling whenever someone said "dill weed." If we thought that one or the other of us was being an idiot, or if we were talking about someone else being dumb, we'd pick up the bottle and point at it.

Our mom still doesn't get it.

Does anyone else remember when people used to use dillweed as an insult or are we just major dorks?