Thursday, September 02, 2004

Britrageous??? What does that mean?

Went to Briton Bash after practice today. The certifieds let us leave early so that we could spend fifteen minutes grabbing some food before they closed that area down and also so we could have a chance to stop by some of the tables. I signed up for ISU just to add another name to the list, even though I've been a member since freshman year. I signed up for Astro Club because, "Hey, I've been tinkering with their web page anyway, I might as well sign up but not go to any of the meetings." I actually can't go to the Astro Club meetings because they're at the same time as ISU. I might go to some of the observations, but I can't see constellations at all, so who knows? I also signed up for information from three of the sororities.*

*100 imaginary bonus points each to anyone who can guess which three.**
**My roommate is not included in this point giveaway because she knows which three. I even made her sign up for one. :)