Friday, July 16, 2004

Oh dear god....please put some pants on!

I was listening to my Bobby Darin CD today. I really only listen to four of the songs on a regular basis: Splish Splash, Dream Lover, Mack the Knife and Beyond the Sea.

Beyond the Sea and Dream Lover are both really sweet songs. Mack the Knife, of course, is about killing someone, but it's really upbeat, so it's possible to not realize that if you aren't listening closely to the lyrics, or rather, not listening to the lyrics at all. Then of course, there is Splish Splash. I always used to just dance around to this song without really paying any attention to the lyrics.

Splish, splash... I jumped back in the bath.

Well how was I to know there was a party going on?

They was a-splishin' and a'splashin'

Reelin' with the feelin', movin' and a'groovin'

Rockin' and a'rollin', yeah

Bing bang, I saw the whole gang

Dancin' on my living room rug, yeah!

Flip flop, they was donin' the bop

All the teens had the dancin' bug

There was lollipop with a Peggy Sue

Good Golly, Miss Mally was-a even there, too!

A- well-a, splish splash, I forgot about the bath

I went and put my dancin' shoes on, yay...

Does anyone else notice it? He jumps back in the bathtub, presumably either removing the towel or soaking it when he leaps back in, checks to see who's out there, then puts some shoes on and joins everyone.

Doesn't anyone notice the random guy with shoes and no clothes? And why are these people in his house without his knowledge, having a party? Or why is he taking a bath at someone else's house?

I love Bobby Darin, but seriously, if I had categories for this blog, it would go in the same category as my post about why Enrique Iglesias should not be allowed near women.