Thursday, April 01, 2004

Deer me

Yesterday, as my friend Lauren was walking across campus, someone dumped a kitten in the parking lot in front of her. She ended up taking it home, but as no one in that suite but Heather has a license, and she has no car, I got to drive Heather, my roommate, Lauren and Sparky (the kitten) to Lauren's house.

Lauren: Look out, there's a deer to your left.
Me: You want me to turn left?
Lauren: No, we just passed a deer.
Me: Ohhhhhhhhhh.

Later, right before we reached her house, it was a good thing I was driving slowly, because there was a line of about seven or eight deer walking calmly across the road. We waited for them to continue on their merry way and arrived at Lauren's house. We stayed there for a while, playing with Sparky and the cats her family already owns, as well as her slightly hyperactive dog who kept taking flying leaps on to my lap.
On the way back to school, we got to see yet another deer. This one was alone and we had an uneventful ride home.