Tuesday, March 30, 2004

One, er, woman deserves the credit, one woman deserves the blame*

Because it was recommended that I blog more, here are the descriptions that Yahoo! Astrology had for me:

  • Books
    Romantics at heart with a penchant to enact the role of drama queen, the Lion will keep entertained with romance, fiction, drama or adventure stories. Sylvia Plath should satisfy that intensely dramatic streak, and John Grisham fulfills your need for excitement.
    Fiction is excellent. Never read any Sylvia Plath or John Grisham.

  • Movies
    Great dramatic films and blockbuster romances are the Lion's pride. For your viewing pleasure, everything must be bigger and better, with the brightest stars. Titanic and the two big trilogies, the Godfather and Star Wars, might all be in your video tape collection.
    Never seen The Godfather. Stood in the middle of a video store screaming at Leonardo DiCaprio to drown faster. I love Star Wars.

  • Television
    The Lion needs action and drama. They never miss a knuckle-whitening episode of ER, and they live for the bold action of NYPD Blue. Always desirous of center stage, though, you would probably much rather be on the program than watching it.
    Actually, I miss ER a lot. I'm usually finishing homework when it's on. I've never watched NYPD Blue.

  • Chocolate
    Likes to own all the chocolates first.
    That makes it easier to eat.

  • Music
    The Lion listens only to the biggest and best of all the musical genres. The Beatles, the biggest band of all time, could garner your respect, as well as Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, Elvis, straight up the King, Frank Sinatra, Chairman of the Board, Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul, and, of course, the Artist (formerly known as Prince).
    Love Beatles. Michael Jackson's old stuff was pretty good. Not that big a fan of Elvis. Frank Sinatra's okay. Aretha Franklin is okay. Not that big a fan of Prince. Where are Dean and Bobby??????

  • Food
    Give a sunny Leo sunflower seeds for munching. They want spicy food from warm places, like the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. Garlic is not a flavor for the Lion, but they adore cloves, nutmeg and parsley. Remember that Leo wants the absolute best of everything.
    Yeah....in make-believe world. I love garlic. Yummy!

  • Sports
    A born leader with stamina and a yen for competition, the Lion will be leading the pack in a yachting, golf, cross-country skiing or racecar driving competition.
    Let's see...yachting is a no. Cross-country skiing is a no. Racecar driving is a no despite the lovely palindrome that is racecar. Golf is pretty laughable. Go me and my score of 26 for two holes!

    *Recognize the quasi-quote?