Thursday, November 06, 2003


Last night, Roommate and I went to the Alpha Kappa Alpha Date Auction. We didn't "buy" anyone because 1) we weren't really interested in them and 2) some of them were bought for rather large sums of money. We laughed at Steven because his auction paddle said "I have to pay people to go out with me!"

In other news, I now know the names of pretty much all the 150 football players and I like 149 of them. I truly dislike person #150, because his teasing seems malicious, cruel and with intent to hurt more than the others, who are just teasing, in a friendly manner.

A note to Player #150,

I can put up with teasing because I say something silly, I can put up with teasing if you're my friend (which you aren't because my friends aren't mean), but I cannot put up with teasing me because I offer you water (It's my job, jerk!!) or encouraging other people to try and whack me in the head with a football. He wouldn't do it anyway, because unlike you, he isn't scum.