Thursday, October 30, 2003

The super long meme

[via Srah, via Katie, via Justin]

1. Name: Alfie, not my real name, but if you look at Srah's blog, you can figure that one out.
2. Birthday: July 28, 1984
3. Piercings: None, I've never really had any interest.
4. Tattoos: No real interest.
5. Height: 5'0"
6. Shoe size: 6
7. Hair color: blond
8. Hair Length: shoulder length
9. Pets: Howie, but he hates me, so we don't interact much.
10. In the morning I am: tired, eager to check who's already awake online.
11. Love is: a mystery
12. If I could see one person right now: Him.


1. Movie you rented: The last time I actually rented a movie was my birthday when I rented "Bring It On" and "The Breakfast Club," but I borrowed "Braveheart" from the library.
2. Movie you bought: I honestly don't remember.
3. Song you listened to: "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes" by Edison Lighthouse.
4. Song you had stuck in your head: An opera song, but it fell out of my head.
5. Song you've downloaded: "Forever Young."
6. Person you've called: My mommy and daddy.
7. Person that called you: My mommy and daddy.


1. You have a B/F or G/F?: HA!
2. You have a crush on someone?: Most definitely.
3. You wish you could live somewhere else?: Sometimes.
4. You think about suicide?: No.
5. You believe in online dating?: Not really.
6. Others find you attractive?: I have no clue. I don't have great self-esteem, thanks to middle school and high school where I was always compared to other people and made to feel less pretty, smart, etc.
7. You want more piercing?: No.
8. You want more tattoos?: No.
9. Do you like cleaning? Not really, but sometimes it helps me deal with stress.
10. You write in cursive or print?: I tend to switch between the two in the middle of words.
11. You carry a donor card?: No, but there's a little box on my license.

For or against...

1. Long distance relationships: I have no clue. I've had no experience, but my roommate and her boyfriend seem to be making it work.
2. Using someone: Against.
3. Suicide: Against.
4. Killing people: Against.
5. Teenage smoking: Smoking is disgusting, no matter the age of the person doing it. I smell like smoke because the people at the bowling alley last night were smoking.
6. Driving drunk: Against. Who is for this?
7. Gay/lesbian relationships: To take Srah's answer, "Any kind of love is alright." - XTC


1. Food? Pizza, meatballs, shrimp, bread, salad with Italian dressing.
2. Song? "Falling for the First Time," by the Barenaked Ladies, "Beyond the Sea," by Bobby Darin, "Build Me Up, Buttercup," by the Foundations, etc.
3. Thing to do? watch movies and sports
4. Thing to talk about? sports, books, movies, life, amusing things
5. Sports? ice hockey, football, lacrosse, baseball, etc.
6. Drinks? milk, tea, chai, milkshakes, hot chocolate, Lemon-Lime Gatorade, Coke (all varieties)
7. Clothes? Jeans, sweaters, socks
8. Movies? Amélie, Sliding Doors, Divorce of Lady X, Bend It Like Beckham, the list could go on forever.
9. Bands? Beatles, Barenaked Ladies
10. Holiday? I don't really have one. I think I'll steal Srah's answer of Christmas Eve.
11. Car? My Saturn.
12. Ever cried over a boy? Yes.
13. Ever lied to someone? Yes.
14. Ever been in a fight or arrested? No, I've never been arrested and the only physical fights I've been in have been with Srah.


1. Shampoo do you use? Garnier Fructis.
2. Perfume/Cologne do you use? I don't really wear any. I just buy it for people.
3. Number of times I have had my heart broken? I don't really know.
4. Number of hearts I have broken? Probably none.
5. # Of guys I have kissed? None.
6. # Of drugs taken illegally? None.
7. # Of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? About five or six.
8. # Of people I consider my enemies? None really.
9. # Of people from high school that I stayed in contact with? 12 or so: Payal, Anisha, Katelyn, Jenn, Patrice, Morgan, Lisa, Emily, Jodie, Michelle, Ashley, Amanda, etc.
10. # Of CDs? Over one hundred.
11. # Of scars on my body? I have one on my leg that shows up occasionally, I have one on my left arm. So two.
12. # Of things in my past that I regret? A lot, but there's nothing I can really do know.

Have You...

1. Pictured your crush naked? No.
2. Actually seen your crush naked? No. Shirtless, yes.
3. Been in love? I don't know.
4. Cried when someone died? Yes.
5. Drank alcohol? Yes.

With the opposite sex:

1. What do you notice first? Eyes and smile.


1. Makes you laugh the most? My roommate, Megs, Joel, Srah and my parents.
2. Makes you smile? Lots of people.
3. Gives you a funny feeling when you see them? Um....the guys I have crushes on.
4. Is easiest to talk to: My mom.

Have you ever:

1. Sat on the Internet all day waiting for someone special to I.M. you? I haven't spent entire days sitting at my computer, but sometimes I will sit there for awhile, maybe 20 minutes, to see if they will.
2. Saved AOL/AIM conversations? Yes.
3. Cried because of someone saying something to you? Yes.
4. Fallen for your best friend? I don't know if I've ever fallen in love, so I can't really anwer this. B was my best male friend and I had a really big crush on him, but I don't know if I fell for him.
5. Been rejected? Kind of....
6. Rejected someone? Not purposely.
7. Been cheated on? You can't be cheated on if you've never had a boyfriend.

Who was the last person:

1. You talked to? M, N, L, L, S and R.
2. Hugged? Probably my roommate.
3. Kissed? My mom.
4. You instant messaged? E.
5. You laughed with? My roommate.

Do you:

1. Color your hair? Nope, I actually like my hair color.
2. Ever get off the darn computer? Occasionally.
3. Habla espanol? Nope. I know about 20 words.

Have you/ Are you/ Do you:

1. Obsessive: Yes.
2. Could you live without the computer? I could live, but I might get bored.
3. How many people are on your buddy list? At least 100.
4. What's your favorite food? The ones I listed earlier.
5. Whats your favorite fruit? Bananas.
6. Drink alcohol? Only when it's legal, because I'm a total goody two-shoes.
7. Like watching sunrises or sunset? Yes. I sometimes get to at football practice.
8. What hurts the most, physical pain or emotional pain? Physical pain tends to heal. Emotional pain lasts longer.
9. Trust others way too easily? Sometimes. I have been known to trust people who end up hurting me a lot.

Final Questions:

I want: sleep.
I wish: I could be with my family more often.
I love: my work.
I miss: my family.
I fear: being disliked, spiders, snakes.
I hear: plumbing.
I wonder: if my current problems will ever go away.
I am: finished.