Friday, October 10, 2003

How well do you know me?

1. What are my four favorite colors in order of preference?
2. What is my favorite opera song, and from which opera does it come?
3. What song(s) would make me think of you?
4. What is my intended major?
5. What is my intended minor?
6. Where do I hope to study abroad?
7. What do I consider to be the most exciting day of my life so far?
8. Who did I name my car after?
9. Who did I name my computer after?
10. Who did I name my teddy bear at school after?
11. Who did I name my stuffed ram/sheep after, slightly altering the name my family had given it?
12. What are my favorite Disney movies?
13. What movie do I refer to as being 'shoe-throwing good fun'?
14. What two Jane Austen books have I read?
15. What artistic talent do I have that I have used to impress people this year?