Sunday, January 13, 2008

One of the weirdest questions ever

Please answer:

Who do you find more attractive:

  • Barbara Stanwyck or Greta Garbo?
  • James Stewart or Cary Grant?
    • Thoughts to keep in mind - The Philadelphia Story, It's a Wonderful Life, etc.
  • Paul Newman or Robert Redford?
    • Ttkim - The Sting
  • Jessica Simpson or Jessica Alba (thanks, hockey team, for providing this one)?
    • Ttkim - Chicken of the Sea
  • 90s Tom Cruise or 90s Brad Pitt?
  • Modern Tom Cruise or Modern Brad Pitt?
  • Eli Manning or Peyton Manning?
  • Brett Favre or Tom Brady or Steve Young or Joe Montana or Drew Brees or any other current or former NFL quarterback? Or other player of some other position?
    • Ttkim - Amusing movie cameos or commercials, unrelated to soup
  • Steve Yzerman or Nicklas Lidstrom?
    • Ttkim - Red Wings captains, yay!
  • Sergei Fedorov or Enrique Iglesias?
    • Ttkim - Anna Kournikova
Any other suggestions?