Wednesday, January 02, 2008

More genius from ESPN's boy

"There's a reason Lloyd Carr is being replaced."

Oh really? Because I thought when people retired, no one took their jobs. I am so confused by the way the world works.


Hey Idiot,

I'm so sick of you and everyone else in the media and at other schools getting this wrong. Lloyd Carr was not fired. The Athletic Department had no intention of firing him - if anything, they wanted him to stick around, but he said no. He did not retire under pressure from the Athletic Department because they were disgusted by the results of the Appalachian State*, Oregon, Wisconsin and Ohio State games. He retired because he felt it was the best thing for himself and the school if he retired.

That said, I hate you,


* The best part of this game (which I was at) was that the ASU cheerleaders were directly in front of my section, so I had a great view of the portion of the game where they were holding up signs to spell out A-S-U. Why was this so great? Because at one point, one of the cheerleaders got mixed up and was in the wrong place, so instead of spelling A-S-U, she made the signs spell out A-S-S.