Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hey, look! It's broken. And frozen. And wet.

I hate certain package delivery companies. One of these is a new hatred.

Dear FedEx,

Would it kill you to ring the bell when you deliver a package? I only seem to notice when I walk past and see the big FedEx truck. Otherwise, the box stays outside until the newspaper gets picked up.

Try harder,


Now I have a new package enemy:

Dear DHL,

I knew I was getting a package today, so when I saw the DHL truck, I knew I'd hear the doorbell any minute. What I did not expect was to see your delivery man ignore the front door where the bell was to walk around to the back gate of my house and toss the package from the gate on to the back porch. Way to go!

Planning to send all packages through UPS or the USPS,