Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Liveblogging" American Idol

8:00 - I like the fact that Ryan Seacrest seems to have one color of hair this year. Much better.
8:01 - He kind of has beady little eyes. It fascinates me.
8:03 - What happened to Brian Dunkelman? Why does this episode need to be two hours long? Oh, so we can see crappy auditions AGAIN.
8:04 - I don't like Jordin.


Blake Lewis singing "You Give Love A Bad Name"

8:11 - Hey, I got the title right this time. Is his hair purple or is that the lighting?
8:12 - I hope he's wearing plaid socks.

Sarah (8:11:09 PM): songwriter competition = LAMEZ
Sarah (8:11:17 PM): i wonder what jordin will sing
Sarah (8:11:23 PM): maybe that song she already sang eight times
Sarah (8:11:32 PM): he should have done time of the season
Sarah (8:11:35 PM): that's my favorite
Sarah (8:11:40 PM): i think repeating is dumb
Sarah (8:11:47 PM): i want blond blake back
Sarah (8:11:53 PM): i wonder what his natural hair color is
Sarah (8:12:01 PM): his eyebrows aren't very dark
Sarah (8:12:13 PM): what is that dance?
Sarah (8:12:30 PM): it's like he's marching in place, crotch-first
Sarah (8:12:47 PM): i love his little duet with the drummer

8:15 - The lights make Blake happy! Pure joy upon his face!

Jordin Sparks singing "Fighter"

8:16 - I've heard at least one painfully bad note and she just started! Boo Jordin!

Sarah (8:16:38 PM): she's not performing
Sarah (8:16:41 PM): she's just standing there

8:17 - Jordin has CRAZY EYES!
8:18 - Robin thinks that Randy is wearing that jacket to distract from Paula's nose.
8:19 - Simon gives the first round to Blake, Paula to Jordin, and Randy is annoyingly indecisive.


Blake Lewis singing "She Will Loved"

8:25 - Yay plaid!


Jordin Sparks singing "Broken Wing"

8:35 - Still don't like Jordin.
8:36 - That outfit is FABULOUS!


8:41 - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It's the original song. "This Is My Now?" Whatever.

Blake Lewis singing "This Is My Now"

Sarah (8:41:58 PM): this is going to SUCK SO BAD
Sarah (8:42:01 PM): i am throwing up already
Sarah (8:42:06 PM): yay vest
Sarah (8:42:09 PM): boo tie
Sarah (8:42:12 PM): boo glitter
Sarah (8:42:14 PM): boo slow song
Sarah (8:42:17 PM): boo sitting
Sarah (8:42:23 PM): boo madeup sucky american idol song
Sarah (8:42:44 PM): ha ha glitter vest
Sarah (8:42:50 PM): i liked it until i saw the glitter
Sarah (8:43:31 PM): this song is bad
Sarah (8:43:38 PM): what happened in the middle there?
Sarah (8:43:45 PM): was he off, or was it the backup singers?
Sarah (8:43:53 PM): it's hard to know what note is the right one
Sarah (8:43:58 PM): since it's a made up song
Sarah (8:44:52 PM): i bet he's not going to be on AI next week
Sarah (8:44:55 PM): he's going home
Sarah (8:45:36 PM): paula: you're a great horse. chow mein! when do we get the knitting needles?
Sarah (8:45:46 PM): paula: fleebledeeboo!
Sarah (8:46:10 PM): stop laughing
Sarah (8:46:17 PM): or i will not be in love with you anymore
Sarah (8:46:19 PM): weirdo
Sarah (8:46:27 PM): bring back the blond hair
Sarah (8:46:30 PM): get rid of the glitter


8:50 - Oh. One hour tonight. Two tomorrow.

Jordin Sparks singing "This Is My Now"

8:51 - Oh my god! Is Jordin seventeen? I'd forgotten.
8:53 - Phil looks like a bald little kid dressed in a sailor suit.

Sarah (8:52:44 PM): for a lame song like this you need someone who has a good voice but no personality
Sarah (8:52:49 PM): like... um... jordin

8:54 - Boo. Yay! Only one more day and I'm completely free for the summer! Also, I hate Randy.
8:55 - And Paula. No you weren't Simon! SHE SUCKS. The fact that that song was written in a style that would help Jordin ticks me off.

Sarah (8:55:21 PM): let's look at jordin's parents
Sarah (8:55:25 PM): oh, her dad is famous?
Sarah (8:55:28 PM): i didn't know
Sarah (8:55:32 PM): she's not 17, is she?
Sarah (8:55:41 PM): surprise!
Sarah (8:55:51 PM): it is NOT! it's a popularity contest with singing!
Sarah (8:55:57 PM): i refuse to believe your lies
Sarah (8:56:05 PM): it is not a singing competition
Sarah (8:56:21 PM): i don't want to download your garbage!
Sarah (8:57:07 PM): jordin is your american idol
Sarah (8:57:17 PM): blake needs to do something good tomorrow night
Sarah (8:57:25 PM): to start off his fancy noo careerz
Sarah (8:57:31 PM): as AI #2