Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Liveblogging" American Idol

Sorry for the delay. Bad weather crapped on the internet, so I have been putting notes on Post-Its.

Jordin Sparks singing "Wishing On A Star," picked by Simon Cowell

8:04 - Eh, okay. I never feel moved when she sings.
8:05 - Stop reminding me that you're a teenager.


Blake Lewis singing "Roxanne," picked by Paula Abdul

8:10 - Wow. Young mayor.
8:11 - I hate this song. Not as much as "Imagine" though.
8:12 - I like Blake. Not as much as Sarah, though.

Melinda Doolittle singing "I Believe In You and Me," picked by Randy Johnson

8:14 - Stop name dropping, Randy.
8:16 - Test her range!


Jordin Sparks singing "She Works Hard For The Money"

8:25 - One of her best.

Blake Lewis singing "This Love"

8:29 - I like this song.
8:30 - Woo Blake! I want to give him a hug!


Melinda Doolittle singing "Nutbush City Limits"

8:38 - Good job, didn't know the song, though.


Jordin Sparks chooses to sing "I Who Have Nothing"

Sarah (8:43:50 PM): so they get to pick the last song?
Sarah (8:43:58 PM): i will be interested to see what blake picks
Sarah (8:44:04 PM): ha ha, star at the bottom of the escalator
Sarah (8:44:11 PM): that's how you know when you've hit it big
8:45 - Pretty good. Still don't like her for some reason.
8:47 - Simon didn't like it! "She's got her star in the mall. She doesn't care anymore," Robin on Jordin.


Blake Lewis chooses to sing "When I Get You Alone"

8:50 - Robin Thicke?????? Why are people singing things sung by the son of the dad on "Growing Pains?" That said....I liked it.
Sarah (8:49:38 PM): i like it when he dances
Sarah (8:49:43 PM): his little moonwalk dance
Sarah (8:50:02 PM): blake is robin thicke x 30000000000000
Sarah (8:50:14 PM): by which i mean he's that much better than RT
Sarah (8:50:20 PM): not that he is more RT than RT
Sarah (8:51:05 PM): yay simon
8:55 - Haha. She got a street.

Melinda Doolittle singing "I'm A Woman"

8:56 - Good job.
8:58 - House starts in TWO MINUTES!