Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Liveblogging" American Idol

I believe that the whole "Idol Gives Back" thing would be more believable if I thought Seacrest had a soul. I think he's a robot of some sort.

8:02 - Eh, Bono. I don't know how I feel about this. I'm not the biggest U2 fan. I understand why he was chosen for this episode, though.
8:05 - Oh hell. This is the first of the two song episodes, isn't it?

Chris Richardson singing "Change the World" (Eric Clapton)

8:06 - I love this song. Get off the stool.
8:07 - I actually don't mind the nasally voice. I love Eric Clapton.
8:08 - Is he growing out a beard to look like Eric Clapton? That'd be awesome.
8:09 - Oh, it's two numbers for charity. Never mind.


Melinda Doolittle singing "There Will Come a Day" (Faith Hill)

8:18 - Awesome as usual.
8:19 - IM from Sarah

Sarah (8:19:46 PM): simon looks like he belongs on the front of a romance novel
Sarah (8:19:48 PM): i wouldn't buy it


Blake Lewis singing "Imagine" (John Lennon)

8:26 - I hate this song. Just think. I might have voted for you if you had chosen ANY OTHER SONG. This is the song that makes me want to punch the radio any time it comes on.
8:27 - Also, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Sarah (8:28:21 PM): i was wanting you to do POWER TO THE PEOPLE
Sarah (8:28:34 PM): that one is supposed to inspire people to do stuff
Sarah (8:28:43 PM): instead of just inspiring people to imagine about stuff


Sarah (8:30:11 PM): i bet lakisha believes she can fly
Sarah (8:30:20 PM): i bet she believes she can touch the sky
Sarah (8:30:27 PM): i bet she thinks about it every night and day

LaKisha Jones singing "I Believe" (Fantasia)

8:36 - "We got the new Bucky Covington CD!" Bob and Robin, while watching LaKisha's performance.
8:37 - Pretty good.
8:38 - Paula is irritating.
8:39 - Robin feels that she should have serenaded us with "Baby Mama."


Phil Stacey singing "Change" (Garth Brooks)


Sarah (8:44:49 PM): there's an alien on the TV
Sarah (8:45:01 PM): someone alert the authorities
Sarah (8:45:15 PM): "the change"?
Sarah 8:45:19 PM): is it about menopause?
Sarah (8:45:57 PM): one of the TV recap sites calls him nosferatu
Sarah (8:46:08 PM): i would like to see him in a big cape
Sarah (8:46:18 PM): even better, i'd like to not see him at all
Sarah (8:46:20 PM): that would be awesome

8:47 - I didn't look at the TV, so it wasn't as atrocious as it could have been.

Sarah (8:48:50 PM): FALSE
Sarah (8:48:53 PM): NO ONE LIKES YOU
Sarah (8:49:00 PM): especially not your baby daughter
Sarah (8:49:05 PM): who will grow up hating you
Sarah (8:49:13 PM): because you chose a stupid reality TV show over her


8:53 - "I've never met nice people before!" Simon, on America's First Harvest

Jordin Sparks singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" (Rodgers and Hammerstein)

Sarah (8:55:13 PM): i hate carousel

8:56 - Pretty good.

Sarah (8:56:49 PM): if she had to sing something from a musical, she should have sung climb every mountain
Sarah (8:56:56 PM): or the lonely goatherd
Sarah (8:57:00 PM): that inspires me
Sarah (8:57:08 PM): to be a goatherd
Sarah (8:57:17 PM): i think i would have sung this in a different key
Sarah (8:57:30 PM): well, I would have sung this in a VERY different key
Sarah (8:57:42 PM): because i am a terrible terrible singer who dogs and family members hate
Sarah (8:57:50 PM): and i have a range of about five notes
Sarah (8:58:05 PM): that was not as great as randy thinks
Sarah (8:58:12 PM): maybe that's my carousel-prejudice talking

8:59 - "How do we vote for Sanjaya?" Robin, missing her favorite Idol