Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"Liveblogging" American Idol

8:01 - I am not a country music fan.
8:02 - Martina McBride is teaching. I don't know much of her music.
8:03 - I hope Sanjaya has a bouffant this week.

Phil Stacey sings "Where The Blacktop Ends"

8:03 - Somewhere, my sister is screaming and hiding her face.
8:05 - Guess who still doesn't like Phil or most country music! Me!
8:06 - Judges liked it. I want pizza. I can't watch this show on an empty stomach.
8:07 - "This is my genre," Phil on country music.


Jordin Sparks sings "Broken Wing"

8:12 - I hate it when people sing songs originally done by the guest mentor. This was especially annoying during "Gwen Stefani" week.
8:14 - Pretty good.
8:15 - Simon said that she could win American Idol based on her performance.
8:16 - I love how tiny Seacrest looks next to her.



Sanjaya Malakar sings "Something To Talk About"

8:22 - I like that song, don't you dare ruin it.
8:23 - If you were going to sing a song originally done by a woman, why couldn't it be "Redneck Woman?"
8:24 - My ears are bleeding.
8:26 - Simon thought it was hideous.


LaKisha Jones sings "Jesus, Take The Wheel"

8:32 - "She'll tear it up, Flint's a little bit country," Bob on LaKisha.

Chris Richardson sings "Mayberry"

8:38 - I still want you to stay longer than Phil Stacey. I HATE PHIL!


8:46 - Robin is talking about the yakuza.

Melinda Doolittle sings "Trouble Is A Woman"

8:47 - That hairstyle makes her look younger.
8:49 - Judges loved it.


Blake Lewis sings "When The Stars Go Blue"

8:55 - Big shock, Blake is wearing plaid. And I got an IM asking if he was singing in English. Thanks, Sarah.
8:56 - I wish he had added beat-boxing. That song was boring.
8:57 - "Poor song choice. He should've done "This Kiss" by Faith Hill with beat-boxing. Because that's the only country song I can think of. Someone should have done Harper Valley PTA. That's an awesome song. Beat-boxing wouldn't have worked with that though," Sarah on Blake's performance.
9:00 - Now everyone is singing "Convoy." I hate you all.