Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Liveblogging" American Idol

8:03 - I hate Jennifer Lopez.

Melinda Doolittle singing "Sway"

8:04 - Yay Melinda.
8:08 - Haha, Simon. "I think he wanted to say something bad and he finally got the chance."

LaKisha Jones singing "Conga"

8:14 - Why are we starting with the two most talented people?
8:16 - Shut up, Paula. Safe this. *makes imaginary rude gesture*
8:17 - Yes, we get it. Tension between Ryan and Simon. Enough already! Time for Sanjaya to sing "She Bangs" à la William Hung.

Chris Richardson singing "Smooth"

8:24 - Please stay longer than Glen. Glen and Haley must go.

Haley Scarnato singing "Turn the Beat Around"

8:30 - I don't hate Jennifer Lopez as much now.
8:31 - "Is she like seven feet tall?" Bob, on Haley. "She's like the female Sanjaya!" Lock, on Haley.
8:33 - Simon is telling you that you're tarting it up. I am telling you your hair looks stupid.

Phil "Glen" Stacey singing "Maria, Maria"

8:34 - Quoting A League of Their Own to Mom. Nice hat, creepy. GO AWAY. YOU PLAY A ROLE IN CURRENT NIGHTMARES.
8:38 - "Does "Lowrider" count as a Latin song? I want Blake to sing that," Sarah's favorite is upcoming.

Jordin Sparks singing "Rhythm is Gonna Get You"

8:44 - Pretty good.
8:45 - Apparently Lock and Bob will be performing at Art Fair. Ick on many levels.

Blake Lewis singing "I Need To Know"

8:47 - "JLo hates Marc Anthony. Blake was singing and she was glaring at him. Like "Stop singing that. You remind me of that guy who's always in my house," Sarah on Jennifer Lopez's reaction to Blake's song.

Sanjaya Malakar singing "Bésame Mucho"

8:54 - "He's trying to be Zorro," Robin on Sanjaya.
8:55 - Why are you not singing "She Bangs?" You are dead to me.
8:56 - Randy and Paula are surprised because they liked it. So am I.
8:57 - "I hate myself for this, but it wasn't horrible," Simon on Sanjaya.

Send Glen and Haley home, America!!!!!!!! DO IT!