Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"Liveblogging" American Idol

8:01 - I wish I was more interested in Tony Bennett. If it's LEGENDS WEEK, does that mean Bobby Darin is a possibility? It better. Unless Sanjaya tries to sing it.
8:02 - "He looks so terrible! How can they like him?" - Marie, on Sanjaya (I thought she was talking about Tony Bennett.)

(Blake Lewis sings "Mack the Knife")

8:03 - BLAKE IS SINGING BOBBY!!!! Or Louis Armstrong, but I choose to believe BOBBY!
8:04 - I hate your pants. But I think I love you.
8:05 - "He's such a terrible singer but I love him." - Sarah, on Blake Lewis
8:06 - "What is her alcohol level?" - Marie, on Paula


(Phil Stacey sings "Night and Day")

8:12 - "I accidentally looked at the TV." - Sarah, on Phil "Glen" Stacey
8:13 - "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz." - Sarah, on Phil again.
8:14 - He's trying too hard. It's not impressing me.
8:15 - I think I have the same teeth as him.
8:17 - Well, Diana Ross, Lulu and Gwen Stefani all thought she was impressive; apparently she is more impressed by Tony Bennett.

(Melinda Doolittle sings "I Got Rhythm")

8:19 - Yay! Melinda is good.
8:20 - Shut up, Paula.


(Chris Richardson sings "Don't Get Around Much Anymore")

8:27 - Why wear suspenders if you aren't going to use them? Also, you're wearing a belt.
8:29 - I'll keep you if it means Sanjaya goes. Also, what on Earth will Sanjaya do this week.

(Jordin Sparks sings "On A Clear Day")

8:32 - She was pretty good. Seriously, shut up, Paula.
8:33 - "I hope Sanjaya comes out with a bald cap on. Not even with his head shaved. Just wearing a bald cap for no reason. And refuses to explain it. That would rule." - Sarah, on Sanjaya's hair change-a-week.
8:37 - "He sucks but he can't even suck as much as I want him to." - Sarah, on Sanjaya again.

(Gina Glocksen sings "Smile")

8:38 - I did not know this was by Charlie Chaplin.

(Sanjaya Malakar sings "Dancing Cheek to Cheek")

8:41 - "He comes up with something interesting every week." - Tony Bennett, on Sanjaya
8:42 - "Heaven, I'm in Heaven..." - Sanjaya; "Hell, I'm in Hell...." - Me, on his performance.
8:43 - I don't think much of Fred Astaire's singing, but I would like him to sing that song over and over to get this out of my head.
8:43 - "I can't even comment on the singing." - Randy, on Sanjaya's performance
8:44 - "Thank you for the dance." - Paula, on Sanjaya's performance

*Another commercial, I lost count*

8:49 - "That was a Sarah hello." - Marie, on Haley's hello.

(Haley Scarnato sings "Ain't Misbehavin'")

8:50 - "I like that she's wearing the lower half of a mermaid costume as a top." - Robin, on Haley's outfit
8:52 - Yet another case of avoiding giving feedback.

*Another freaking commercial*

8:56 - Why is Ryan hugging the man Mom says is Sanjaya's father?

(LaKisha Jones sings "Stormy Weather")

8:57 - I like LaKisha. She's good. I want a cookie.
8:59 - Shut up, Paula. Let's watch House, M.D. instead.