Sunday, April 23, 2006


My friend Meggels and I are beginning to get fed up with certain aspects of our school. One of our ways of dealing with this is to create drinking games that we will never use, to entertain ourselves and keep us sane. We created one together for the one class we have together, but I've gone on and created one for two of my other classes:

Meggels & Alfie's Drinking Game:

  • Everytime the girl behind us brings her religion into the conversation - take a shot (True, it is a religion class, but this has been known to happen at least three times an hour and never has any bearing on the class, she just likes to remind us that she's the only person of that particular religion in the class.).
  • Everytime the phone belonging to the same girl goes off in class - take 3 shots.

Alfie's Drinking Game for her first class:
  • Everytime a certain girl tries to show off her lack of knowledge about State Compact Theory - take a shot.
  • Everytime the professor asks me about the news in our school newspaper - take a shot and give him one too, because anyone who thinks that paper actually contains "news" requires some alcohol fast.

Alfie's Drinking Game for the other class:
  • Everytime a certain person sticks their feet on my chair - take 5 shots (This would not be a problem if she puts her feet on the rails underneath, but no, she has been known to kick me in the butt and put her dirty shoes all over my coat.).
  • Everytime the same girl says something and sounds like an idiot - take a shot (You'll be buzzed within five minutes and dead by the end of class.).