Sunday, April 23, 2006

It was "scrumtralescent."

At the request of Cheryl, I have finally decided to blog about The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold.

This is the greatest movie ever. Nothing about this movie sucked at all. It was maaaaaaahvelous.


Ok, that was a lie.

I knew this movie was going to suck before I watched it and I was not disappointed. The sucking began when the movie started at a skating competition, in which the star's father was doing the play-by-play with Oksana Baiul. The sucking continued with the sniping between the male and female leads - it was cute and well done in the original film, now it's just stupid and poorly written.

I did laugh when the male lead was learning how to skate (yeah, he had never been on ice skates before) and the five year old girls in his skating class were shouting "Toe-pick!" at him. I wanted to hit the female lead when she did the same.

Also, the male lead being able to go from not ever skating to being an Olympic calibre skater within three months - not going to happen.

Apparently, Kate and Doug DID win the gold medal - there was a crappily Photoshopped picture of them that appeared to be from the 60s, 70s, or 80s, definitely not 1992 in Albertville.

IT SUCKED SO BAD and the female lead was the most painful part.