Friday, January 27, 2006

Personal feelings at the moment

Best Bond movie EVER!
Christopher Walken, Midge from That 70s Show, Dr. Schneider from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, a very manueverable blimp - need I say more?

Scariest Bond movie EVER!!!!
009 killed dressed as a clown at the beginning of the movie. As if that wasn't enough emotional trauma, 007 felt it necessary to dress as a clown himself. No amount of Louis Jourdan could make this movie less terrifying.

Worst Bond movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously, the book was bad. The movie was worse. Roger Moore's first Bond film - the acting isn't very good, there were about 90 million points during the movie when I wanted to gouge my eyes out and stuff cotton into my ears to stop this movie because it was THAT ridiculously bad - also I HATE the theme song.