Friday, June 24, 2005

Small and less-haired....

....rather than small and hairless (like certain rodents).

I went and got a hair cut yesterday. I think it might be the first free haircut I've ever gotten, but maybe just in memory.

The reason my haircut was free - charitable donation. I donated 10-12 inches of my hair to Locks of Love. My hair, which was about halfway down my back, is now just past my ears.

It was really weird to see my hair laying on the counter in a bunch of small braids as my hair was evened out and styled because I've had long hair since May 2003.

This is the first time I've drastically changed the length of my hair since October 2002, when I decided to get a haircut in Paris and right before my haircut decided that if I was going to get my haircut, I should go for a short new coiffure rather than spending a lot of money to get a trim in a Parisian salon. My hair was well past shoulder-length then and I got it cut up to ear length that time too.