Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I actually watched it!

Scott Savol
"The Impossible Dream" from "The Man of La Mancha"

My thoughts: Utter crap.
Randy's thoughts: Ended with a bang.
Paula's thoughts: *standing ovation* Extraordinary, you always seem to pick songs that relate to your life.
Simon: Ordinary.
My rebuttal: Shut up, Paula.

Constantine Maroulis
"My Funny Valentine" from "Babes in Arms"

My thoughts: He's an actor. He acts in musicals. Didn't suck. Hate the song.
Randy's thoughts: Doesn't buy the rocker act. Best he's ever done.
Paula's thoughts: *standing ovation* Falling in love with Constantine.
Simon: Grown in confidence. Singing gets a 7, pouting gets a 9.5.
My rebuttal: You are very annoying, Paula, kindly silence yourself.

Carrie Underwood
"Hello, Young Lovers" from "The King & I"

My thoughts: Pretty good.
Randy's thoughts: Liked it even though it wasn't a great song for him.
Paula's thoughts: Elegant, "audience is swelling with you".
Simon: Too old-fashioned.
My rebuttal: You might want to put some ice on that, Paula.

Vonzell Solomon
"People" from "Funny Girl"

My thoughts: Pretty good, again.
Randy's thoughts: Keep getting better every week, "a girl might win this year."
Paula's thoughts: "You sang in Barbra's key and hit the high note," blahblahblah.
Simon: "Left me cold," "clinical."
My rebuttal: Want to throw stuff at Paula.

Anthony Fedorov
"Climb Every Mountain" from "The Sound of Music"

My thoughts: *collapses giggling* Ooh. Bad last note. I'll give you a cookie if you never sing that song again.
Randy's thoughts: "I did not like that."
Paula's thoughts: "Very interesting choice of song," "I really enjoyed it."
Simon: "Hideous."
My rebuttal: If Paula hadn't liked it, I would have decided that he should win, just to spite her.

Nikko Smith
"One Hand, One Heart" from "West Side Story"

My thoughts: How did your Dad get out of the 'Mystery Spot'? Double voice freaking me out!
Randy's thoughts: "You keep it contemporary!"
Paula's thoughts: "You are the comeback kid!" "West Side Story is my favorite musical."
Simon: "Sounded out of tune."
My rebuttal: Must never watch West Side Story again.

Anwar Robinson
"If Ever I Would Leave You" from "Camelot"

My thoughts: Not bad. Reminded me of Stevie Wonder several times.
Randy's thoughts: Thinks he's one of the best singers.
Paula's thoughts: "Brilliant."
Simon: "You seemed very comfortable."
My rebuttal: Nothing. I give up. Paula's an idiot.

Bo Bice
"Corner of the Sky" from "Pippin"

My thoughts: Is his hair longer than mine????? Hate the song.
Randy's thoughts: I wasn't paying attention.....
Paula's thoughts: "You are a winner!"
Simon: Two bad weeks, "That was a mess."
My rebuttal: Argh.

WILLIAM HUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't let Seacrest cut you in line. Make him wait!

Nadia Turner
"As Long As He Needs Me" from "Oliver!"

My thoughts: Don't be true to Bill Sikes. Unless it is David O'Hara as Bill Sikes. I can see that.
Randy's thoughts: "Great performance!"
Paula's thoughts: Some garbage that I blocked out....
Simon: "As strong as you've been," no more theme choices for Seacrest!
My rebuttal: Haha. Tell him, Simon! No more screwing up musicals!