Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Today, I....

  • had competencies, passed with 95.6% (would have had 100% if I had remembered dermatomes)
  • learned about Sports Psychology
  • Was accused of being anorexic by Joe....who has apparently never looked at me. Also, I eat when I'm hungry.
  • Went to my History class.
  • Withdrew from my History class.
  • Drove to East Lansing.
  • Got lost in East Lansing.
  • Found my way to the store, bought some cool stuff for my little, as well as myself.
  • Managed to make it back to school
  • Arrived late to my meeting, but I had told the chair I would be late, so it was okay
  • Stayed at the lodge for almost three hours
  • Came back to my room and did homework