Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The, Person, The

Dear Girl-who-sits-behind-me-in-my-history-class,
I notice you are no longer on crutches and that your leg has healed, so you no longer need to put your foot on the chair in front of you. However, you apparently feel it necessary to use that chair as your own personal storage space. How silly of me not to realize that your coat and bag were members of the class, and therefore entitled to a seat of their own. I will continue to sit all alone in the front row of the class where I will probably end up getting called on a lot more than all of the future lawyers of America.

Also, if you are a tour guide for this college, maybe you should have an idea as to how our tuition compares to that of other schools. If you continue to talk about how we are the most expensive school in the state and insist that K College only costs $27,000, I will be forced to start going off on you. Honestly, no one cares about your ACT scores. No one cares that you got into UM because your ACT scores were so impressive. I probably got a higher score than you anyway, dearie. I APPLIED TO AND WAS ACCEPTED AT K COLLEGE! I KNOW HOW MUCH IT COSTS TO GO THERE! THAT'S ONE OF THE REASONS I'M IN THIS CLASS WITH YOU INSTEAD OF FORTY MINUTES WEST OF HERE IN CLASS AT K COLLEGE! It is about $4,000 more expensive than our school. Besides, who honestly cares. They're both ridiculously expensive and money shouldn't be the main reason for choosing a school. I chose my school because it was the best place for me and would give me more opportunities in the end than K College would have.

On another note, if you do not shut up about how people need to stop ripping on the new facility that was built for your sport I will turn around and throw my notebook at you. YOU BROUGHT IT UP! No one gives a crap about your stupid non-sport!


P.S. To everyone else: Sorry about the ALLCAPS. I just really wanted to throw school supplies at this girl all through the hour and a half long class today.