Monday, November 08, 2004

Time for another musical quiz....I think it's number 4 or 5

Two of these are repeats that no one got last time. The rules are a little different this time because everyone seems to find it so easy. These are from musicals. They can be movie musicals, theatrical musicals or musical episodes from TV shows. What do I want from you? I want the name of the song, the name of the musical and the name of the character singing the particular line or snippet of a line. Extra credit points to anyone who can point out which musicals were at one point performed by a recently blogged about personnage.

1. "....Suddenly I’m respectable, starin’ right at ya lousy with stature."
[Racetrack, "King of New York," Newsies]
2. "Far, far away, someone was weeping...."
[Narrator or Joseph, "Any Dream Will Do," Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat]
3. "If you’re on fire, show me!"
[Eliza Doolittle, "Show Me!" My Fair Lady]
4. "I’m stayin’ where I’m at...."
[Dolly Levi, "Hello, Dolly!" Hello, Dolly!]
5. "....Let the whole world hear what you’re about...."
6. "Life is thrilling as can be...."
7. "People will pay you to be inhumane...."
[The Dentist, "Dentist," Little Shop of Horrors]
8. "Whenever I’m, from time to time, depressed...."
9. "....Every thought I’ll ever know, everywhere I go, you’ll be...."
[Tony, "Tonight," West Side Story]
10. "Sleep and I shall soothe you...."
[Mary Magdalene, "Everything's Alright," Jesus Christ Superstar]
11. "I’ve got the question, I’ve had it days...."
12. "Move them feet...."
13. "My purse has yet to know a silver lining...."
14. "Now through the smoke, she calls to me to make my way across the flames...."
15. "I'm good by day and I'm good by night...."
16. "So they took them all back home to dry...."
[Adam Pontipee, "Sobbin' Women," Seven Brides For Seven Brothers]*
17. "....While I tell her the moon is for mating and ‘tis sin to be single!"
[The Caliph, "Night of My Nights," Kismet]**
18. "Oh, what a beautiful waltz...."
[Edward Rutledge, "Molasses to Rum," 1776]
19. "How can they see with sequins in their eyes?"
[Billy Flynn, "Razzle Dazzle," Chicago]
20. "Give him your hand today and save the fist for after...."
[Sarah Brown, "Marry the Man Today," Guys and Dolls]

21. "....There's fine piece of mind in pretending...."
[Gaylord Ravenal, "Make Believe," Showboat]***

* 10 Point Bonus to Sarah: Howard Keel played Adam Pontipee in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers....
** 10 Point Bonus to Sarah: Howard Keel played The Poet in Kismet....
*** 10 Point Bonus to Mom: Howard Keel played Gaylord Ravenal in Showboat....