Wednesday, July 21, 2004

"Not like that fake carpenter on TV, Bob Vila...."*

Last night, at our Movie Night, we couldn't decide what movie we wanted to watch, so we ended up playing 'The Veto Game,' where we put a bunch of movies out on the table and each person removes one until there's only one movie remaining.  tbone and Mr. tbone kept getting rid of all the movies that I really wanted to watch.

We ended up watching Patriot Games.  I love that movie.  However, I prefer watching Harrison Ford movies with my roommate because you get better reactions:

(Watching the movie last night....)
Me: Oooh.  Sean Bean is hot.  Hit Harrison Ford again.
Everyone else:  (silence)
(If I had watched it with my roommate....)
Me:  Oooh.  Sean Bean is hot.  Hit Harrison Ford again.
Roommate:  SHUT UP!  You can't hurt him.  I love him!

(While watching Air Force One....)
Roommate: Harrison Ford is so hot.
Me:  Yum.  Sirius Black is hot.  Knock him off the plane to his death, Sirius!

So basically, I'm disappointed because the only person who seemed affected by my cheering for Sean Bean to kill Harrison Ford was my mom....who loves Harrison Ford about as much as my roommate and glared at me through certain parts of the movie.

* Any guesses?  Srah?