Monday, July 19, 2004

My life is so gripping

I said I would post about my weekend, so here we go:
On Saturday, I went out to lunch with my godparents and my parents.  We went to Madras Masala, but it wasn't open when we got there, so we went to Cafe Ambrosia first and sat around drinking coffees and teas and looking at picture.  When Madras Masala opened, we went next door and got seated at the same table that we'd been seated at when my godmother, my former French teacher, my mom and my sister went there last summer.  We ate lots of great food at their weekend buffet.  I opened my birthday present from my godparents, which turned out to be a chain for the Detroit Red Wings pendant that they gave me when I graduated from high school.  I went shopping at Meijer with my parents later and sadly missed the first twenty minutes of the show I'd been waiting all week to see.  :(
On Sunday, I woke up at 9:30 in the morning.  I listened to the radio from 10am to noon, so that I could hear my favorite radio show.  Then I greeted Grandma, who had come up to visit for the day.  I tried to inhale some incredibly hot soup, sadly, I could only eat a few spoonfuls, so I had to run to meet my friend Payal at the movie theatre by 12:40 so that we could get to our movie on time. 
As I was walking up to the theatre, my cell phone started to ring, it was Payal checking to see if I was there.  I walked into the theatre and couldn't see her so I figured she was on the opposite side of the lobby, so I started to walk across, but the ticket salesman said that his booth was actually open, so I could buy my ticket from him.  I decided to go ahead and buy my ticket quickly so that I could get over and find Payal, which I did.  I found her, waited for her to buy her ticket and we made it into the movie part way through the previews, which wasn't a problem because 90% of the previews (or more) were for mindless crap that I would never consider seeing.
After the movie, I went home and started watching the Vicar of Dibley by myself.  I was eventually joined by my parents and grandmother, after my mom and grandma got home from seeing King Arthur.
That was my weekend in brief.