Monday, March 15, 2004

Who would have thought it?

I decided to take the Physical Attraction quiz because whenever my friends try to set me up, they always ask me what my type is. Here goes nothing:

Favorite Qualities

  • Your photo choices suggest a man over 35 is probably getting a little old for your tastes
    Yes. Seeing as how I am not quite twenty, I definitely do not see my self dating someone who was older than a high school sophomore when I was born.
  • You seemed interested in dating a man at least 25 or older
    Um. Whatever. Twenty would be better.
  • Very handsome men
  • Sharp, narrow chins
    Alas, no Batman for me. *cries*
  • Narrow and pointed "triangular" faces
    Never really noticed, but whatever.
  • So-called "Ectomorphs," or thin angular faces
    Ok. Whatever.

    Favorite Looks
    One of the "looks" that you consistently noticed has been described as "The Boy Next Door." He has an open face, with big eyes, and a big grin. He has a youthful or boyish quality that will follow him throughout his life. Typically this look is associated with light brown hair, a close shave, and blue or hazel eyes. These guys convey a warm, trusting impression, but watch out for that mischievous side! Our studies find that about 1 in 5 women (18%) are especially attracted to this youthful look.
    Sounds good!

    Some may call another of your types "Pretty Boys," but all you know is that they're gorgeous. The combination of classic good looks with small noses, beautiful eyes, and full lips is hard to resist. These guys tend to be clean shaven, have clear skin, and get good hair cuts. They're taking good care of themselves so they can be "pretty" just for you! [Well, you and the 1 in 3 women (33%) that are also after them!]

    Favorite Face Type
    You especially liked a pattern scientists refer to as "Ectomorphs." Geometrically, they are similar to triangles, because they are widest at the cheekbones and then narrow to a relatively pointed chin. Ectomorph men are said to have "angular" features, including a chiseled nose and prominent cheekbones. Historically, these faces have been viewed as distinguished and were often found on European royalty. These men also tend to have lean builds. [And, you may want to watch out for those ears, since on true Ectomorphs, they tend to stick out a good bit.] About 22% of other women especially prefer this face type.
    European Royalty....excellent.

    Faces known scientifically as "Ecto-Mesomorphs" also caught your eye. Men express this type in two ways. One version has a rectangular face shape that is long and narrow. The other type's face shape is often compared to a diamond, because it is wide at the cheeks and then has a sharply angled jaw. All Ecto-Mesomorph men have striking chins that are prominent and squared-off with a crisp line at the base. This is one of the most idealized male face types and can be found on most movie and music idols. It can hold either bold masculine features or more delicate handsome features, or some sexy combination of both. These men also tend to have lean and muscular builds when they're young. About 78% of other women especially prefer men with this face type.

    Your Favorite Body Types
    One body type that seems to appeal to you is scientifically called "Endomorph," which roughly translates into solid, stocky guys. He's not overweight, but his big bones, muscles, and overall mass make him hard to miss. Most would say he has a real "presence." His broad shoulders and big arms convey a sense of safety. This is not a guy to mess with. Although he is prone to gain weight over his lifetime, at this point he doesn't have a "pot belly" or "love handles," and usually carries any extra weight in his hips and butt. This type usually makes up 7% of single men. Telling signs of this body type include wide and curved jaws, round faces, "chubby cheeks," a boyish look, a very short and wide neck, plus larger legs and butts. Weight varies, but at 5'10" many of these guys will weigh about 225 pounds.
    Reminds me of some of the offensive linemen at my high school.

    You also liked the most desired male body type, which scientifically is called a "Mesomorph." This is a fancy way of saying that you like muscular, hunky guys. You'd find this type among leaner quarterbacks and other athletes, who are strong without being bulky, and have good flexibility and agility. They have broad shoulders, a muscular upper chest (nice pecs!), and the classic V-shaped torso. So, he looks great in (and out of) clothes. Around 10% of single men are Mesomorphs. Keep your eyes out for other signs like prominent jaws, square or rectangular shaped faces, good posture, and large wrists and hands. [Oh, and this type is prone to have very cute "bubble" butts!] At about 5'10", they tend to run about 185 pounds.
    Quarterbacks.....other athletes, yay!

    A man's height is extremely important to some women. According to choices you made in the test, you prefer to date men who are much taller than you are. In fact, you prefer men who are 4 inches or more taller.
    If I date a man that is shorter than me, my future children could be invisible. I think I'm short enough.

    According to the photos you selected, you like men with so-called "triangular" faces. The triangle face is wide at the temples and hairline, tapering to a small pointed chin. Men with this face type tend to look youthful, even "boyish" most of their lives. Nicolas Cage, Keanu Reeves, and Noah Wylie have this face shape.
    Keanu and Noah aren't bad....

    You are drawn to men with pointed chins. With a pointed chin, the slope of the jaw begins at or just below the ears and ends in a rounded point or a very narrow leveling. Men with pointed chins usually have diamond or triangular faces. On a man, this type of chin often gives the impression of youth, intelligence, and refinement.
    Ok. Whatever. Never really noticed.

    You seemed especially interested in men with brown eyes. In the test, you may not have even noticed eye color on a conscious level. However, those smoldering brown eyes apparently stood out to you on an unconscious level. Supposedly, brown eyes give the impression of softness and mystery.
    Also blue, green and hazel eyes. I've always liked most eye colors, but apparently I'm subconsciously attracted to brown-eyed guys.

    By your choices, you've shown that you're open to men who wear glasses. Glasses can make a huge difference in a man's appearance. [Hey, it always worked for Clark Kent and Superman!] Maybe those studious-looking horn-rimmed glasses turn you on. Or maybe you just enjoy a man who has a variety of different "looks" and styles.
    I totally did not ever think about destroying my friend's contact lenses so that he would have to wear his glasses every day. That would be crazy....but good;)

    Nose Type
    You have an eye for men with attractive noses. You seemed especially interested in men with what's called a "Button" nose. These noses tend to be short in length, with a small bulb or "button" at the tip. From a profile, button noses turn slightly upward at the tip. Even though you liked men with a variety of nose types, you seemed especially drawn to men with a "cute" and approachable look, which button noses tend to convey.
    Never noticed.

    Nose Size
    Regardless of the type or shape of the nose, you typically liked men's noses to be relatively small. Larger noses can distract from the man's overall looks and did not seem to appeal to you in the test.
    Interesting then, that Megs refers to one of my crushes as "Big Nose."

    You preferred men to have nice average-sized lips; not too thin and not too full. Even though thicker lips are more popular, you were not especially drawn to them. Perhaps it's because you like "All-American," mainstream handsome guys. Or, maybe you found fuller lips on men a little too feminine for your taste.
    Never noticed.

    You love men with big, happy smiles. You were much less interested in photos where the men had small grins or serious expressions. Although you probably didn't notice this tendency, the preference for big smiles fits your overall interest in men who look fun, friendly, and approachable.
    I like smiles:)

    Hair Style
    A good head of hair is a real turn on for you. You liked men with a variety of hair styles, but you seemed to have a special interest in men with full, wavy hair. Whether the hair was short, medium, or long, you'd rather see hair with body and texture than straight, stringy hair. Waves and light curls tend to give men a certain "boyish" quality that you seemed to like. And it's by far the best hair to run your fingers through!
    It depends on the guy. I also like very short, soft hair.

    Hair Length
    You liked men with a variety of hair cuts, but you gave special attention to men with medium length hair. Good hair on a guy seems to be a real turn-on for you, but the right length is important. You like the hair just over the ears and long on top. You've got to have enough hair to run your fingers through, but you don't want a guy with hair that's longer than yours!
    Depends on the guy.

    Hair Color
    You liked men with a variety of hair colors, but you seemed especially interested in men with deep, brown hair. In the test, you picked a definite subgroup of men who had a variety of different features and "looks," but many had dark brown hair. This seems to fit with your overall interest in handsome MEN, not boys. Blondish guys can appear too boyish for you, while darker hair represents a more serious, masculine look.
    Orlando Bloom, here I come!

    You like men with a good head of hair! You can appreciate an attractive man with a shaved head as "sexy," but it doesn't fit the "look" you find most appealing. You want a guy to have hair you can play with and run your fingers through.
    Mr. Clean is stronger longer cause there's ultra power in it. Not a big fan of shaved heads.

    Facial Hair
    You like your men to be clean shaven. In this test, the men that had beards or goatees were not especially appealing to you. You may occasionally find a bearded man sexy, but at least with this set of photos, your choices were not similar to women who say they love facial hair. Maybe you love the clean-cut look. Or, maybe you're just trying to avoid rubbing your face against scruffy beards. After all, how would you explain the stubble burn on your face and neck after a date?!
    Scruffy can be ok, but clean shaven is usually better.

    What Is Your Approach to Judging Which Men Are Handsome or Very Attractive?
    Very Picky: It's official: You're "picky." The fact is you are drawn to the most handsome of the handsome. You know what you like in men and are more selective than most women your age. Your tastes seem instinctual. You'd make a great casting agent, because you have a good eye for men who have "star quality." In real life, your high standards may be an obstacle for you. It's hard to find a man with the strong features you like, who's also well-rounded in other ways. Still, you know the importance of a real physical "spark" in a relationship, and aren't willing (or able) to settle for less. The challenge is finding a man who really wows you physically, even if he's not the most handsome man in the room.
    Darnit. I'm picky.

    Hey, look. It's my match. Or not. I'm not sure.

    [via Srah]