Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Random Music Meme, Part 2

Step 1: Open your mp3 player.
Step 2: Put all of your music on random.
Step 3: List the first ten songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing.

Alfie's results (for the second time):

*"Theme from Monsters, Inc." by Randy Newman
*"Sit Down, John," by the Broadway Cast of 1776 (Brent Spiner version...BOOOOO! More William Daniels!)
*"Hannukah in Santa Monica," by Tom Lehrer
*"You Oughta Know," by Alanis Morrissette
*"Downtown," by Petula Clark
*"Champagne Supernova," by Ben Folds Five
*"Objection," by Shakira
*"We Like To Party," by Vengaboys (actually, the next thing to come up was a clip from South Park, but it wasn't music, so....)
*"Camp Grenada," by Alan Sherman (whose voice drives me insane!!!!)
*"1 Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces," by Ben Folds Five (once again....Sarah.)

[via Srah]