Sunday, February 15, 2004

Oddly enough, I am actually going to do this

Once upon a time, I was in high school. Actually, that intro sucks because I was in high school not to long ago, even though I freak out occasionally because kids I tutored in reading are now in high school. Argh. So anyway, I decided to take the advice of my readers because I need to entertain the ten or so people who actually read this.

So anyway, here is Jday's story about rocks. I have no stories about very small rocks, so here is a really stupid story about a normal sized rock. We had a Secret Santa party in the training room. Our head trainer was my Secret Santa. Everyone else opened their presents, then it was my turn. He handed me a box and I opened it. Inside was.....a rock. I was a little bit confused, but it turned out it was not, as he said, just some rock he picked up from the school parking lot. It was in fact a rock that he had found somewhere else. He actually did give me non-rock presents though. He gave me a handheld Jeopardy game that we would play whenever our team was losing badly (I got a lot of Jeopardy trivia practice in that year.) and a pin from the hockey team that had been discontinued because it was of a rat on hockey skates that had been horribly beaten and was badly injured. Aparrently, the parents didn't think much of that. ;)