Tuesday, February 17, 2004

More suggestions from Jday

Ok. I can't think of a post to write about cider....or a duck. But I can post about a church.
Once upon a time, I didn't start posts with stupid beginnings like this. It wasn't because I was creative or brilliant or anything. It was because I was two and blogging hadn't been invented. So anyway, I had a best friend, Josh*. Josh and I have known each other pretty much since I was born. We went to preschool together and at age two and a half, my favorite movie was The Sound of Music and my favorite part was the wedding. I decided to propose to Josh so that I could have a big fancy wedding. So I proposed and Josh said yes. So I started planning my wedding. I wanted to get married wearing a tutu and my yellow flip-flops. I also had one other request (here comes the part about the church). I wanted to get married in a purple church and in the church that I had always gone to (for the lengthy 30 months that I had been alive), but my minister refused to paint the church purple for me, so the wedding never happened.

*name changed because I felt like doing so. And to protect his identity, etc.