Thursday, December 04, 2003

This week in the life of Alfie (11/24-11/30)

Monday: Quiz in Injury Assessment, test in Human Physiology. Ugh. So glad when 11am rolled around and I was done with tests for the week.
Tuesday: Finished class at noon and proceeded to remain at school for almost five hours afterwards: packing, reading some stuff, saying goodbye to people, etc. Came home and had Christmas pictures taken.
Wednesday: Dropped off Christmas pictures at Meijer, picked up Christmas pictures at Meijer, picked up my Mommy at work, went to Busch's. Had dinner with the family and Mike. Went to the HHS hockey game and watched the memorial and jersey retiring for ML and the moment of silence for BB. Watched Huron beat Chelsea (always enjoyable), while hanging out with Rod and Jodie. Came home and watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force with Sarah and Mike into the wee small hours of the morning.
Thursday: Woke up, tried to keep Howie from interrupting preparation for Thanksgiving dinner, watched part of the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade, did some laundry.
Friday: Went to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, saw Love Actually with the family, went to the Michigan-Wisconsin hockey game with Dad, they lost.
Saturday: Went to the UM libraries to pick up books for reports, went to the Michigan-Minnesota game with Dad, they lost.
Sunday: Left home early, went with Joel to his hockey game in Kalamazoo (they lost), froze my butt off, drove back with Joel to school, called my roommate and we all ate Chinese food and watched hockey.

So that was my week. Lots of hockey.