Thursday, November 20, 2003

Fun from Alfie's classes

Part 2

Jaime: I'm Bob Barker. Give me a pen!

Prof #2: Think about women!
Guys in class: YEAH!!!
Prof #2: Think about women in the poem!
(while discussing Beowulf)

Prof #2: This is the kind of man you meet every day....
Jordan: Men in cloaks.
(class laughs)
Jordan: Goes through a lot of laundry quarters.
(while reading Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales: The Pardoner's Tale)

Prof #2: While there is a lot of sex in the course....
Pat: WHAT???
Prof #2: Material, the course material!!!!!

Matt: I wouldn't consider myself a demonic tempter. I just have a soul.
(While discussing Marlowe's Doctor Faustus, it came out that one of the people in the class is in possession of another person's soul.)

Gaby: Do you have a license?
Matt: No, I'm not licensed.
(on whether he is a licensed demonic tempter)

Gaby: He's a good guy!
Prof #2: We are talking about the DEVIL.

Prof #2 (to Pat): You want to be a James Bond villain.
(after discovering what Pat would request if he had the powers that Doctor Faustus received: movie starlets, tiger cub, serious 'bling', island fortress, time travel.)

Matt: Maybe it will give you some street cred while you're down there.
(on why he wants to wreak mayhem before going to Hell, Matt requested: fangs, claws, red glowing eyes, giant muscles and barbarian clothes, a staff with a skull on top, a spiked club, ultimate fighting ability, Jedi choking ability, line of sight teleportation, wenches, eunuchs to protect his wenches [can't wait to see all of the search requests I'm going to get now], a satanic Polish army and the ability to breath fire. My friend Emmy wished for the ability to prevent his powers.)

Matt: Just so everyone knows, I am joking 100%.
Jared: Yeah, but he does own a soul.