Wednesday, April 30, 2003

As if there was any doubt
After watching American Idol last night, here are some things I believe:

1. I love Clay. He was my favorite to begin with and singing Build Me Up, Buttercup just made me love him more.
2. Ryan looks good in glasses and should wear them more often. Or perhaps I just feel this way because I love men in glasses. I thought Clay was cute at his audition, glasses and all. I also wished that I could break one of my friend's contact lenses in ninth grade so that he would have to wear his glasses instead, because he looked absolutely adorable in them.
3. Josh wants to hurt Simon...badly.
4. Clay is by far the most talented.
5. Neil Sedaka scared me a couple of times last night. Not as much as Angela Lansbury did when I was younger, but I was still a little scared.