Monday, April 07, 2003

Accidental Pool Shark

This weekend, my roommate and I went to Ann Arbor. We left early Saturday afternoon. We got to Ann Arbor, managed to avoid Hash Bash and went to Bennigan's. We went back to my house were we finally saw my parents. We went to go see Bend it Like Beckham, which I would highly recommend. Then we went to dinner at some restaurant that I am currently drawing a blank on the name of. After that, my parents dropped us off at Markley Hall to hang out with Becky's friend Sara, who it turns out is a friend and neighbor of my friend Payal, who had skipped town this weekend. Sara, her friend Joe (known by some as Pippin, which annoys him a lot, but is an understandable nickname if you see him), Becky and I hung out in her room for awhile, then made our way to S. University to go to Pinball Pete's. We played team pool (Becky and me, Joe and Sara), which involved a lot of me completely missing the ball and everyone else making all of their shots, but I managed to get a ball to go in by accident. I aimed at a ball, missed it, the cue ball ricocheted (whatever) and knocked a different ball of ours into the pocket. Later, we all were tied up and whoever knocked the eight ball into the pocket would win the game. Becky, Sara, Joe and I kept missing the ball or just knocking it around the table, but I figured one of them would eventually win the game. Then it was my turn, I didn't even really line up the shot because I figured that there was no way I could make a game-winning shot. Somehow, the cue ball managed to hit the eight ball in and I won the game on my second accidental shot of the night. Maybe I shouldn't try at any sport and I will do well at it.