Sunday, March 23, 2003

Beware of stupid people in large groups

You may have heard that I was participating in the Albion College version of the Weakest Link. I was up against nine other Albion students, all of whom were older than me. I was the only freshman. I did pretty well, I was even the strongest link once or twice. I was amused by some of the questions I received:

Do hobbits have hairy feet, yes or no?
Name one Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
What team won the first Superbowl? Green Bay or ....

I made it to the final five, where I was up against Jon, Leon, Brook and Elizabeth. Brook and Elizabeth ganged up on me and I was voted off. My prize was a box of Kettle Corn. Brook and Elizabeth ended up being the final two people. I was rather annoyed that Elizabeth, sponsored by Habitat for Humanity, received this question:

What is the charity for which former President Jimmy Carter builds houses?

She ended up winnning.

Becky, Joel, Heather and I ended up staying for Faculty/Staff Weakest Link, in which a man who rather closely resembled Lomper from the Full Monty came in third after the two remaining women voted him off. He received a bottle of Oxy Clean so my roommate took my Kettle Corn and traded it for the bottle at my request. While she was gone I answered one of the audience participation questions correctly. Apparently knowing the capital of California is Sacramento is worth a pizza.

I'm sticking to Jeopardy.